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The main activity of Cambridge Gymnasium is to provide learning programs, which will be developed based on curricula approved by the Ministry of Education, Science, and Technology, but consistently including the identifying element of school’s educational work.

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They are equipped with all the necessary tools for the application of knowledge in practice.

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The Library

The library is a crucial source of knowledge for all of us in general, especially for our young students. We consider the library to be the most important space in which students decompose and crystallize information.

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The Canteen

Food is an essential element for the healthy development of students, in both mental and physical aspects. At the same time, it directly affects the learning process. We are very careful when it comes to this important issue. Therefore, the golden hands of our chefs serve fresh, tasty, and healthy food to the students and the staff of Cambridge Gymnasium. All the necessary nutritional values are consumed every day through a varied menu, including salads, dishes, and meats. The new dining room is suitable for all generations. We are committed to maintaining the maximum hygiene and the best sanitary conditions, according to the required parameters. The culture of nutrition and cleanliness is another value that we aim to install in the personality of each student. During mealtime, the students are under the supervision of the teachers. Food dishes are clean and safe. The cleanliness of all kitchen facilities, from storage, preparation, service, and dining should be at the highest level of care and vigilance. At least once a year, before the beginning of the new school year, the kitchen premises are disinfected, disinsected, and deratized. The shelf life, consistency, and quality of each food ingredient are checked in detail, as well as the preservation, and storage adapted to the conditions and temperature that guarantee the safety and quality of food.

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