Jakub Beqaj

Jakup Beqaj

School Principal

Jakup Beqaj – The School Principal

For more than two decades, our school has been educating several generations of young people. With hard work and dedication, we managed to become a role model school.

Our institution of pre-university education is the hearth of knowledge and continuous success. It began as a new seedling in Dukagjin, thus to grow and blossom into a temple of knowledge.

We started with the foreign language school “The Cambridge School” to continue with the opening of the “Cambridge” Gymnasium. We decided to expand it in this way based on the requirements for the establishment of a source of knowledge, an educational institution at the highest and contemporary level.

The success of our school is the result of a virtuous leadership on an equal footing for everyone, starting from the teaching staff, as well as the administrative and working group of the school, who do an excellent job. Also, the interactive collaboration teacher-student-parent is another feature that ensures the success we cherish today.

Our students are our pride. They represent us with dignity in prestigious universities, both public and private ones. Our graduates are the best reflection of the education and training they have mastered at the “Cambridge” Gymnasium.

“Cambridge” Gymnasium is a hearth that exists, resists, and never stops educating, discovering, and shaping new talents. We are companions in the nurturing and development of students for each new generation.

Yours faithfully,

Prof. Dr. Jakup Beqaj

The principal of Cambridge Gymnasium

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